3 Top Places to Explore in Appalachia This Fall

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania The town known for the “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania”, Wellsboro is rightly proud of the stunning fall foliage that decorates its small town year after year. The best time to visit is the end of September to early october window, right before Halloween. Bring your mountain bike or walking stick and hit the Pine Creek Rail Trail, where… Read more →

From Barcelona to La Costa Brava: The Art of Catalan Cuisine

Similar to other regions of Spain such as Valencia and Sevilla, Catalans are proud proponents of their rich gastronomic past, and thus reinforce these strong notions about food from every slice of pernil (ham) to fideuà (similar to the Valencian paella, but cooked with noodles) they consume on a regular basis. Originally from the Basque country, some tapas that continue… Read more →

Exploring Magical Positano

For many, the Amalfi coast encompasses not only the pure, classic films associated with iconic actors such as Ingrid Bergman or Giuletta Masina in 1950’s Hollywood, but it also showcases some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Italy. The rich blue Mediterranean water next to the vibrantly colored homes that act as a staircase to the sky has been enticing explorers, tourists… Read more →

The Endless Wonders of Cape Town

Apart from the fact that South Africa’s Cape Town has recently become a popular destination for travelers across the globe, often times many seem to overlook the more art-based, creative side of this city. The European like city structure along with interesting, innovative art scene provides visitors with different ways to interact with a city that is so fresh with… Read more →

The Ideal Weekend in Barcelona

Regardless of what anyone tells you about Barcelona, it’s very important to remember that all the hype in relation to this Catalan gem is more than well-supported. Although its popularity has only become more mainstream within the last ten years or so, there is no surprise as to why tourists, food lovers and ex-pats alike are all making their way… Read more →

Travel Apps

Anyone can travel these days. With the right amount of money in your pocket and fair weather, you can literally go wherever your means can take you. However, how many can say that they travel like a local? When visiting my favorite cities, I know the second I step on the plane to return home that I’ve left more than… Read more →

Tropical Travel

With the winter months bearing down on us, many are looking to migrate to warmer climates while the worst rolls by. Though there are dozens of beautiful locations to visit, none can compare to the tropical paradise of the Maldives. With its warm temperatures and clear waters, this dream destination will let you wait out the winter in comfort and… Read more →

The Windowless Plane

Air travel has evolved over its many years. From humble beginnings with smoking sections and brightly colored stewardesses to televisions in every headrest and inflight internet, the way we fly has become as important as the destinations we choose to visit. That’s why Airbus’s recent announcement has dropped more than its fair share of jaws, as they look to turn… Read more →